This local charity was founded in 1898 to serve the parishioners of Bishop’s Waltham and surrounding villages. Today, the trustees issue grants twice each year to local good causes in the interests of social welfare and education.


The Educational Institute began with a building in the centre of Bishop’s Waltham which was completed in 1904. At this time the trustees were mainly concerned with the distribution of parochial charity. However, over the years the building proved costly to maintain and increasingly difficult to let. This led to frequent subsidies by the Parish Council, who eventually became the trustees, but even with this assistance it fell into disrepair and was not in use for several years when it was eventually sold in 2003.


The main function of the charity today is to issue charitable grants within the local community.


The trustees will consider applications from charities, local organisations and national groups with local connections. Applications from or on behalf of individuals are also considered. Grants are awarded in the interests of social welfare to improve the conditions of life and for the advancement of education.

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