We are a bespoke [domiciliary] care provider and consultancy service wholly owned and led by registered nurses Liz Blacklock ( RGN;EN (G); BSc (open) ) &
Hazel Daniel ( RGN; EN (G) ) . Between them both they have over 60 years of combined nursing experience within the NHS. Liz has a special interest in Primary and palliative Care .Hazel has a Neurological long term health condition background.
The total team of 10 have an impressive 224.5 years experience within the health and social care industry between them!

If you contact us, the phone will be answered by a friendly voice ;We will take your details and little bit of history will then arrange to come and see you for an informal visit and leave some information. If you then decided you would like us to support you or a family member at home we will visit you again to complete an in depth assessment.
If we believe that we are not the right company to provide the care, we will tell you. We provide a 2 week trial of care allowing us to get to know each other and either side can walk away in that period if unhappy. We DO NOT undertake 15 minute visits unless the client requests it. We believe in being open, honest and transparent. To this end, we have an electronic notes system which, with the clients consent, is accessbile by family and friends so they can be reassured that care is being provided as required. This is especially useful currently with famlies no longer all living locally.

We undertake all kinds of care ; personal. light house work, trip out. meal preparation to name just a few. Please ask and we will do our level best to help. However, we are tied by the Care Quality Comission Regulations and our Nursing NMC code of conduct.
We take the health, safety and wellbeing ouf our clients very seriously and will ALWAYS make their best interests out priority and act as their advocate as necessary
We believe in collaborative seamless care and as such will liaise and work with the local helath care providers on your behalf should you wish us to.
If we make a mistake it will be rectified as soon as possible and you will always get an apology.

Lapis Care; ‘Complicated Made Easy’

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